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CC Baffles Installation


1) CC Baffles are approximately 6” long (the length is not held to a tight tolerance and may vary PLUS OR MINUS ½”)

2) CC Baffles are sized to the pipe OD (outer diameter). Due to different gauge steel used on exhaust tubing, the baffles may be a little loose or a little tight fitting. If they are tight, sand or grind a few .001” off of the edges of the baffles. Sometimes just removing the protective paint on the baffle will be sufficient.

3) Slide the CC Baffles into the pipe to the desired depth. Measure and drill a ¼” hole through the pipe for the installation of the bolt on the CC Baffle (it is recommended to use a thread locking compound on the threads as well as one or two stainless or galvanized 3/16” pop rivets for insurance.) Periodically check that the bolts are tight and that the pop rivets have not come too loose. Replace or tighten as needed.

4) Each kit comes with Stainless Steel Muffler Packing. The Stainless Steel Wool may have to periodically be replaced over time depending on the fuel mix of the vehicle.

(CAUTION: Always wear proper eye protection and gloves when working with Stainless Steel Wool.)

5) When the CC Baffles have been completely installed, it is best to make sure the air/fuel mix is correctly adjusted. The additional back-pressure may, in some cases, create a rich fuel mix. Keep in mind a rich fuel mix will create a louder exhaust note.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the baffles are not secured into the pipe properly, damage or injury could result if the baffle were to be “blown” out of the pipe.