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Cermaglow Polishing Instructions





For best results use only a small amount of Cermaglow on a small section of the part at a time. Work on that area until the desired shine is achieved then move on to the next section.

Using a soft cotton cloth (do not use paper towels), buff Cermaglow on the part until most of the polish is gone and the effort increases. (Most of the polishing is done at the end when the buffing effort increases) The more you buff the greater the shine. If the part is large it is recommended that you bolt or clamp the part to a bench to make the polishing process easier.

When polishing pipes the fastest and best results come from applying a small amount of Cermaglow to the pipe then wrapping the cloth around the pipe as shown in the illustrations, then using a back and forth buffing motion until the desired shine is achieved.
Finally, buff clean with a dry cloth.

NOTE: If parts have become extremely dull from overheating or staining, buffing with a very fine (0000) steel wool first may be necessary. If the coating surface has delaminated because of overheating the ceramic coating, Cermaglow may not restore the shine, the coating may have been damaged beyond just polishing.

Additional Polishing Instructions:
If a deeper shine is desired after polishing with Cermaglow, the application of a wax type polish may produce a deeper shine for show only. A wax type polish will dull after the car is run and the wax melts or burns off.

Additional Maintenance Instructions:
As with any polished surface, Ceramic coated parts will need to be polished again from time to time to keep the desired shine.