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Great Sound Posted by Phil on 10th Nov 2014
"I still wanted the car loud which it is but now it has a deeper tone with a deliberate sound instead of sounding like an exhaust leak. Great Product tight fit no rattles, great deep deliberate tone that still turns heads."

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"My car (1974 Pinto) will be in the SEMA event in Las Vegas as part of the Optima Batteries Search for the Ultimate Street Car series. I’m currently the points leader in my class and will be getting an invite to the show and track event at the end of the week. Here’s the basic story. I bought a nice chrome muffler on Ebay for the car a few years back. Finally got around to installing it a few months ago when I upsized the exhaust and added a Ranger style header as I had gone to a bigger Weber carb, and wanted to increase airflow thru the head. The muffler was pretty much a straight thru design and the muffler guy said we should add a resonator as it would probably be pretty loud. He added the resonator, but the exhaust was still loud enough in the car to drive you nuts with the exhaust drone. I searched on the web for exhaust tip inserts and found you guys. I figured out a way to install the silencers into the exhaust tips which made a big difference in the noise. Just had to use a piece of 2” pipe to fill the gap in my tailpipes. I later I added some stainless steel wool which made it perfect. The car still had a nice exhaust note, but not annoying and loud like some imports out there. Nothing worse than a 4cyl drone on the highway." -Satisfied Customer

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Product Review: CC inserts. Drone gone!

See the product used here:CC Inserts

"Here’s what I had: 66 vert with 5.0; Magnaflow 2.5 SS exhaust kit with x-pipe out the rear valance. A while ago I replaced the pretty SS mufflers with Dynomax Turbos. This lessened only slightly the overall intensity of the drone and was overall a bit more quiet so I kept them on. What I did: I put the Magnaflows back on, only this time inserted Car Chemistry exhaust inserts (3-disk; P/N 3DI25R). Placed them just before the mufflers (actually according to the installer they poke into the flange of the muffler since I didn’t have enough straight pipe in front of it). I did not use either of the insert plugs that come with the inserts to make them even quieter, nor did I pack it with the steel wool as is another suggestion. This alone makes a big difference… with the overall sound equal to what I had with the Dynomax Turbos and much less drone in that dreaded 1800-2200 rpm range… I hesitate to say elimination, but all I can say is I am impressed and well worth the cost IMO. Even those waves you hear as you go under freeway overpasses is no longer noticeable. Oh and for those that like to hear the fine sound of those Magnaflows, it’s still there… nice growl on the get down… although you actually do hear less of it for you, it’s still there for others to enjoy. Since I haven't had these on for a while I forgot how they gurgle and pop on rapid deceleration (do others have this issue with Magnaflows?), so that is the only thing I don't particularly care for... but I don't think it's made worse by these inserts. I also don't feel any power loss with the butt meter... but mine is a stock-ish motor and raw speed is not my game. Of course something else I did that helped a lot was to use dampening mat (second skin damplifier), a layer of closed cell foam (second skin overkill and then a layer of mass loaded vinyl (SoundDdeadnerShowdown.com). I also needed new carpet so I got the mass backed stuff (Stock Interiors). Wow! Much less road noise, very solid feel and that drone is just not noticeable. I drove for well over an hour on the freeway and that 55-65 mph drone is not there; at 70-75 just mostly wind noise. So, the inserts combined with less road noise from the sound deadening made for much less fatiguing ride… I forgot my earplugs (which I will use sometimes on long high speed drives with lots of traffic around) and I don’t recall any ear ringing. All this even though my installer didn’t do exactly as I envisioned as to applying the sound deadening system, for example he didn’t glue the mass loaded vinyl into one impervious piece (as recommended by SDS) and didn’t go up as far as I wanted, among other things. I know this topic comes up a lot… hope this helps some of you with your decision."-Satisfied Customer




Subject: CC Insert for reducing exhaust drone....wow it works!

Review: I know I am not alone here...a few of us really love our aftermarket exhausts, but do not like the annoying drone inside the cabin. I'm not 25 anymore, and I go on family trips and have a real job now. The exhaust drone, drove my wife and I crazy. So, after 2 different exhausts and experimenting with various resonators....which by the way do nothing for drone, and only decrease volume a bit. I could not eliminate it. I did a ton of research on, and found only positive results from others on forums. A product that reduces and in some cases eliminates exhaust drone. Car Chemistry makes/sells this CC Insert....that is placed inside your exhaust...a small tack weld to hold it in place. And, my exhaust drone is 90% gone. I love it. -Satisfied Customer

See the product used here: CC Inserts





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Review: "Purchased these AFTER installing new 3" cat back Magnaflow system to replace my stock 2.5" cat back on Mustang. Before installing these inserts the drone was HORRIBLE. This inserts made a HUGE difference and my daily driver is now enjoyable again. I would highly recommend to anyone needing and/or wanting to eliminate the drone." -Todd R.

See product used here: CC Inserts



We (Car Chemistry) were at Blue Suede Cruise at Summit Raceway Park in Norwalk Ohio. We saw hot rods there with our CC Inserts Installed. Here is one. The customer expressed how much him and his wife loved the CC Insert baffles in their lake headers.
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Review: Max's 1996 328i Drone issues in a BMW E36 328i improved easily by 90%

See products used here: CC Inserts Stainless Steel Muffler Packing

"My son installed Magnaflow 49-State cats and a Borla muffler on his '96 328i. The drone around 1800 rpm was unacceptable. We inserted a 2" 3-disk baffle in each exhaust pipe immediately after the cats. We did not use a plug on the center tube, but did use the stainless wool packing. The Exhaust pipes were supplied by Heartthrob Exhaust. The baffles needed a fair amount of persuasion to install even after attacking the baffles with a belt sander. We used four, 3/16" stainless rivets to fasten each baffle in place. The sound quality of the finished system is excellent. The exhaust can be heard in the cabin, but it is in no way annoying or unpleasant anymore. When the car pulls off down the road, the tone is deep and smooth. The baffles combined with the performance muffler created the sound the young man had hoped to create. Great product." -Sent From Steve























1981 Corvette – Modified 1970 LT-I Engine

Chassis dyno: 324HP @5700 RPM / 349 ft-lbs torque @3700 RPM
3” Exhaust w/Dynomax 3” I/O bullet mufflers.
Over decibel limit (95dB)
3500-6000 RPM under acceleration
50 feet – 86 decibels 
Sounds like an awesome 100dB inside the car – most impressed with the measured 86dB.
Thanks! Scott


Hello, Some time ago I purchased a pair of your 3-disk inserts (4-inch) and installed them in the collector of my headers. The car is a 55 Chevy with a supercharged & nitrous injected 468 BBC. The headers are fenderwell exit and aside from the headers and the inserts, there is no exhaust system. At cruise on the freeway (approx 3000 rpm) I’ve had the experience of CHP (California Highway Patrol) cars cruise alongside me for a distance and then decide to move on because I wasn’t loud enough in their opinion to investigate further. With the headers being fenderwell exit, it’s quite loud inside the car because the headers dump out just in front of the windows, but I’ve had many people tell me that the car sounds like a bunch of motorcycles traveling together. I’m happy and so far, so are the police.

Nicholas B.
Cloverdale, CA


Ken just installed a set of inserts on my 98 Silverado-350 Vortec and I'm
really impressed. It did everything you said it would do, it's fairly mellow
at cruising speed, like you are down a gear, and when you step on it really
opens up. Thanks for a good product .I've been involved in racing my whole
life and have never used a product like this. I'm very happy.



Ken, I want to give you some feedback on your inserts. I spoke with you a while back about using your inserts in some straight pipe to replace the aftermarket mufflers I was running on my 96 Impala SS. I bought 2 sections of 20 inch 304 stainless pipe locally and inserted the 3 disk inserts you suggested in them. I mounted them in the stock location, which is just in front of the
rear axle. I was looking for a performance sound but without the drone I currently had.

I am happy to say that I like the new sound and I haven't heard any droning yet under any conditions. I still have the stock exhaust manifolds and cats. The sound is slightly louder and more aggressive than my previous setup but without the booming or drone that was really annoying at constant slow speeds and at highway speed (around 70mph).

I am pleased. Thanks for your help.
Matt I.


Good Day,

Just wanted to let you know that I received the muffler for my truck and had it installed on that Friday ... love it ... good deep sound. Truck feels like it has more mid range power than before.

Thanks again.
Cary E.


Well, I’m a believer. I ordered a pair of your 3 disk 3” units for our SCCA 1994 LT1 “ITE” class racer for Laguna Seca which makes us meet 90db at 50’ from the track in turn 5. We put one in each collector and routed the exhaust away from the sound meter (which was on the driver’s right) to the driver’s left side exit…and even under full throttle in 4th gear going up hill by the sound meter we met 90db limit (they actually recorded a high of 88db for us)…jeez, guys, these things worked and I passed on your “secret” to three other guys who went over limit and couldn’t race… like me they’re buying them from Jeg’s, a great catalog company. So, thanks again.

Richard P.


The car has a 3 ½” header with two – 2 chamber mufflers to the rear axle and before installing the inserts it was simply unbearable to ride in the car due to the noise level. The inserts were very easy to install as they slide into the header attached by rivets and reduced the noise level so much that my wife can actually ride in the car without ear protection!

As discussed, we installed 3 disk directly into the header and would like to report that we cannot see any reduction in power output only in sound level inside and outside the car. I would recommend to anyone needing to reduce noise levels due to laws or personal taste to try Car Chemistry “disk inserts.” I am totally satisfied with the performance, ease of installation and results of your product.

Sam T.
Memphis, TN


Hi Leo,
I’m very happy to say that I’m greatly impressed by the great results your inserts brought to my exhaust.
It was short enough to fit in the space between the cat converter and the first resonator. Then eliminated the muffler and prepared a “Y” extension, added the muffler tips and the look was complete.

Man, when I started the car I almost didn’t believe how quiet inside it was. It’s almost factory level, the only difference is the tone, you can hear the new deep sound far away. Outside is different, louder, but a nicer tone than all the mufflers. That insert is great, nobody at the shop believed it. Accelerating the sound climbs, but is never intrusive, outside it’s evident but I don’t think it’s bothersome.

Leo I thank you, this was the alternative, I just wish I could’ve asked you before. A lot of money went out on this.

Well, I’ll be recommending your product everywhere and especially at the Nissan communities.


Hi I e-mailed you about a year ago about being able to use the CC Inserts on my stock 91 Formula 350. When I first got the car the converters had been removed for off road use and a (Performance) muffler installed into the stock system. A trip of any length was out of the question as it had a terrible sound at about 2200 rpm we used to call “racking” when I was a kid and glass packs ruled. I asked around and was told a (other performance) system was much quieter so on we went the complete (other performance) system with 3” intermediate pipe. Better but it still had that “racking” sound especially when the car was in choke mode, I guess the mufflers on those cars are just so far back. So I got a 2 disk insert to use in conjunction with the (Other performance) muffler and cut the 3” pipe as close to the front as possible and welded it in a few Saturdays ago and just like magic, no more “racking” and I have a much more pleasant tone with a much happier wife. As a side benefit it seems a little more responsive.
Thanks, Mike


I removed the first disk as you said in your e-mail dated 4/24/01.
This is on my 302 Engine, as I said before with the full insert I lost almost a half second and of course MPH. Yesterday was the first time we got to run because of rain. The first pass after I re-jetted carb. And new plugs was a 12.53 at 106 MPH. This was at noon. The next pass at 2:13 in the afternoon at about 65 degrees was 12.52 at 106 MPH. The next one was at 3:53 in the afternoon same temp. 12.61 at 106 MPH. The last one was a 12.57 at 106 MPH. So you can see I have got my ½ second back. I cut one disk and about an inch and a half of the front that faces the header tubes and put my extension back on (18” extension) and read my decibel meter at 50’ at 3500 RPM and it read 93db the same as my Capri with Flowmasters. We are going to remove one disk from my sons 460 as it reads 90db. Big blocks are not as noisy anyway.

Thanks for your time on this. Hope this helps you some.

Robert P
Tacoma, WA