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Cermakrome Coating Care instructions

Cermakrome metallic ceramic coating is a product of Tech Line Coatings, Inc.

This specialized coating performs extraordinarily well in reducing heat transfer through the pipe, reduces rust and corrosion, and does not blue like chrome. Cermakrome has been proven to withstand EGT's up to 1600f without delaminating. And also has withstood a 5,000 hour salt spray test without failure. Color change can occur at EGT's over 1500f.

Coating failure can occur when an engine has improper tuning, such as improper cam tuning, improper ignition timing, improper carburetor jetting, overheating, etc. When dyno testing or breaking in a new motor, due to no vehicle movement and the higher RPM settings, the coating can become damaged if proper heat transfer is not allowed. To help this problem, place a large fan in front of the exhaust pipe to dissipate and/or transfer heat from the part.

Maintain the high luster of Cermakrome with Cermaglow a specialized polish for metallic ceramic coating. Other polishes such as chrome or metal polish, such as Mothers, Wenol, Never Dull, or something similar is acceptable. For heavier stains such as oil or transmission fluid you may need to use a fine steel wool (0000) or (000000) or a fine Scotchbrite pad (red), and then buff with polish.

Do not use caustic solutions to clean Cermakrome.

CAUTION: Many polishes and spray on cleaners use chemicals that are mildly acidic or alkaline. It is best to only clean Cermakrome with soap and water and only use the above recommended polishes.

If you have any questions please call the Motorcycle Division at Car Chemistry, Inc. 972-775-8124.