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CC Inserts Diagram

CC Inserts technology takes advantage of a new engineering design. This design incorporates a "Sound Suppression Pulse". This Pulse takes the two streams of exhaust flow and attenuates the tonal quality while creating only minimal back pressure. The two paths interact with each other as a result of this unique design.

techinfo-inserts-diagram.gifBy examining the illustration at left we can see how this design works. The initial flow of exhaust gases is divided into two channels. The main channel leads through the center tube. The second channel is forced through the disk(s). The flow through the tube becomes a low pressure area due to the high flow rate, the reduced volume of gases and the high temperature that is maintained. The second channel creates a slight back pressure before the flow moves beyond the disk into what is known as a "cooling" chamber. In this chamber the exhaust is cooled, changing the tone and increasing the pressure in the chamber, compared to the pressure in the center tube. A portion of the flow is drawn into the center tube due to the pressure differential between the two chambers. This also reduces the pressure slightly in the cooling chamber thus drawing more of the exhaust through the disk. The remaining exhaust in the first chamber is then drawn into the next chamber where additional cooling occurs. After exiting the final chamber the flow merges with the center flow providing increased suppression of sound as the two masses of air meet. In addition the flow of exhaust is nearly straight creating excellent flow characteristics, unlike traditional systems where the air tumbles as it exits the muffler.

This system has been designed to be user adjustable. As delivered a muffler has both a plug at the entrance to the center tube and a restrictor ring at the exit of this tube. By removing either the restrictor or both plug and restrictor, flow will increase with a corresponding change in exhaust note and volume of sound. The plug and restrictor can be easily tack welded back in if desired.

For totally custom exhaust systems the Power Pulse inserts may be ordered and placed into either the header collector, the exhaust pipe itself or both. No visible muffler will be evident. The inserts will allow for closer installation of the exhaust to the body and gain greater ground clearance. A smoother more High Tech appearance will result. Standard sizes start at 3" I.D. Smaller ID inserts are available on a custom basis. All inserts come with a plug and restrictor allowing the installer to customize the sound as desired.