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CC Inserts Sound Test

Date 10/13/98
Vehicle 1969 El Camino
Engine 402 cu. in.
Induction 780 cfm carb
Test Parameters Sound measurement device located 12', 20', 50' in direct line from exhaust outlet.
  (CCI)#3DPC225S, A 3 Disk insert in a 3½" muffler body with 2½" Inlet/outlet
  (A) A leading brand 3 chamber performance muffler
  (B) A "Turbo" style muffler using Stainless packing
  (C) A performance muffler with baffled inner tubes and no packing
  (D) A traditional glass pack
  CCI/(A)/(B)/(C)/(D) CCI/(A)/(B)/(C)/(D)
12' 20' 50'
66/64/63/61/65 64/60/60/59/61 57/58/56/54/54
68/68/66/65/69 65/67/64/61/65 61/62/58/55/60
77/76/74/74/75 74/73/70/68/72 67/67/64/63/66
86/85/84/85/86 82/81/80/80/81 75/75/74/75/77

COMMENTS: The Manufacturer A had a deep, hollow tone and weighed 9 lbs. The CC InsertMuffler had a deep, slightly sharper tone and weighed 3 lbs (actual insert only weighed approx 3/4 lb, insert was placed in 2 1/4 lb muffler body for this test.) The Manufacturer B had a very quiet near stock sound and weighed 12 lbs. The Man. C was the quietest and a had a very quiet stock sound and weighed 11 lbs. The Glass Pack was used simply for comparison and had a deep tone.