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Colorgard™ Stainless Instructions

Read These Instructions Before Using This Product
Read the MSDS Before Using This Product

Please Note the Following Hazards:

Danger: Flammable Avoid Vapors, Do Not Breath Mists From Spraying Avoid Contact with Skin or Eyes, Harmful if Swallowed, Wash Hands After Use and Before Eating or Smoking

Contains Petroleum Distillates: If Swallowed Do Not Induce Vomiting Call A Physician Immediately Keep Out Of Reach Of Children

Application Instructions:

1. All parts must be absolutely free of all oils, greases, moisture, dust, scale or corrosion. Sandblast all parts. (120 grit aluminum oxide or similar) (for repair of damaged coatings that are cured: wet sand damaged area with 500-grit sandpaper to rough the surface. Then continue with the following instructions.)

2. Clean all parts using acetone, lacquer thinner, or similar material. Do Not use petroleum based solvents.

3. Spray in a WELL-VENTILATED AREA with an airbrush as a thin wet coat to achieve a cured thickness of .001” to .0015”. Spray all hard to reach areas first. IMPORTANT USE A NIOSH APPRVED RESPIRATOR TP AVOID BREATHING THE MISTS FROM SPRAYING.

4. Inspect part for complete coverage. Part should be a solid light gray color with no runs or sags. (A second coat may be applied after the coating has dried, but before polishing)

5. Allow coating to dry 24 hours before polishing. Heating the part with a hot air gun for 10 minutes on all surfaces will accelerate this. Do Not bake this coating in an oven.

6. Inspect part for a smooth coat before polishing. If surface of the coating is not smooth or has runs or sags, you can lightly wet sand with 1000-grit sandpaper.

Initial Polishing Instructions:

The purpose of the initial polish is to seal over the coating to prevent corrosion and to bring up an initial shine on the part. Careful use of the polishing compound in the initial stages will result in an acceptable shine, do not try to get the best shine until the coating has cured. For best results use only a small amount of a quality metal polish on a small section of the part at a time. Work on that area until the coating is sealed and a shine is achieved then move on to the next section.

Apply a small amount of polish to the surface of the coating and spread it around without rubbing too hard. Allow the polish to dry slightly. Using a paper towel, buff the polish off the part. DO NOT use powered buffing tools at this time. When the polish is gone from the surface repeat the process if desired. If the part is large it is recommended that you bolt or clamp the part to a bench to make the polishing process easier.

When the entire part has had an initial polish, install the part on the vehicle and run the vehicle for 1 hour at low RPM so that the parts will heat up and allow the coating to cure.

Additional Polishing Instructions:

If a deeper shine is desired after the coating is cured and the part is cool, apply the polish to all surfaces that you can reach and polish according to the polish manufacturer’s instructions. A buffing wheel on a drill or die grinder may be used at this time to speed up the process.

Additional Maintenance Instructions:

As with any polished metal. Parts coated with Colorgard ™ Stainless will need to be polished again from time to time to keep the desired shine.