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Steeroids - Mustang

Installation (pdf)

Mustang Steeroids - General Overview

Speed Direct is happy to announce the release of the Steeroids™ rack & pinion for Mustangs! Compare this kit to the competition:

  • Steeroids Offers Improved Steering Feel - Recirculating ball steering is vague and unresponsive, especially "on center". Control is greatly enhanced.
  • Steeroids Offers A Quicker Ratio - Steering racks offer quicker ratios. Steeroids™ power kits yield approximately 2.5 turns lock-to-lock (~2.9 for manual). Quicker than any other kit on the market!
  • Steeroids Are Lighter Weight - Compared to the stock steering system.
  • Steeroids Are A Bolt On Installation - Absolutely no cutting, welding, or drilling when purchased with the steering column. Installs with basic hand tools in approximately 3 hours.
  • Steeroids Offers Virtual Elimination Of Bump Steer - Adjustable tie rod ends allow you to adjust bump steer even when the vehicle has been lowered.
  • Stock Pump Used - This power kit uses existing or readily available power steering pump and brackets.
  • Steeroids Is A Complete Kit - All necessary parts are included with the exception of the power steering pump.
    • Parts Included With The Steeroids Kit:
    • Rack and pinion
    • Adapter brackets (powder coated black)
    • Tie rod ends (Self cleaning & lubricating, teflon lined).
    • U-joint assembly
    • Power steering hoses
    • Misc. fasteners (grade-8)

PLEASE NOTE - If you plan to use your own stock steering column with the Steeroids kit, you will need to cut the end off to fit the U-Joint supplied and then support the inner shaft with a retainer bearing. If you get the Steeroids kit with a steering column included, there is no cutting necessary. Please read the instructions below if you are considering using your stock steering column so that you know what is required.

PLEASE NOTE - The steering columns used are tilt with wiring harness and turn signals included. None of the columns that we offer have the ignition switch in the column. On the stock 1970 models, the ignition switch was located in the column, so we have an aftermarket billet aluminum (mill finished) ignition mount listed below. If you plan to use your stock column with the 1970 Mustang, please look into the tech section to see what else is involved.

Steeroids kits with columns come standard with aftermarket GM splines so that you can use Grant and other name brand aftermarket steering wheels. We do this because most customers do not want the big stock wheel with the new quick ratio rack. If you want to keep your stock steering wheel, we need to know that at the time of order so that we can order the stock style splines. The columns that fit the factory Ford splines are different and cost $90 more than the standard columns. If ordering online, please make note in the "Comments" section.

When deciding on a manual or power kit, we usually recommend going with the power kits. Most customers have enjoyed more benefits from the power rack, since the quick ratio manual (~2.9 turns lock-to-lock) is still difficult to steer at lower speeds.

Kits were designed for V8 automatic transmission cars. If your vehicle is NOT a V8 with an automatic, please CLICK HERE to read more about power steering hose and manual trasmission options.

Mustang Steeroids - General Tech Notes

OTHER APPLICATIONS: We are getting a lot of people wondering what other applications this kit will fit on. So far, we have not tested this kit on any Ford applications other than the Mustang years specified. As we test (and learn from our customers) other applications, we will start compiling a list and details on our website in this tech section. At this point, however, we are only offering it for Mustangs. If you wish to try the kit on a different application, you will be responsible to determine if the kit will fit before you install it as we cannot give a refund for a kit after it has been installed. THIS KIT WAS DEVELOPED ON A MUSTANG. To date, many customers have installed our kit on Rancheros and Cougars with success (sometimes there are minimal clearance issues). Until we have had the opportunity to test for ourselves, try other applications at your own risk!


Brand T:

  • Steeroids has a quicker ratio, 2.5 turns compared to 3
  • Steeroids does not remove critical structural components - they require you to remove the cross brace
  • Steeroids come with new, adjustable, teflon lined tie rod ends
  • Steeroids has better bumpsteer curves
  • Steeroids costs much less

Brand F:

  • Steeroids offers a quicker ratio, 2.5 turns verses 4
  • Steeroids offers power assist in addition to manual kits available
  • Steeroids fits with most headers
  • Steeroids works with big blocks
  • Steeroids has better bumpsteer curves
  • Steeroids has a tighter turning radius

FLUID: We recommend that you use GM power steering fluid (which will work with your Ford Pump) since most Ford power steering fluids have detergents in them that can be harmful to the seals. Please do not run synthetic fluid through your rack unit until the break-in period is over, usually around 1000 miles.

STRAIGHT 6 - POWER KITS: Currently, if you have the straight 6 and are interested in the power kit, we do not have hoses available to run from the rack to the pump. We are working on them and plan to have them available soon. Most hydraulic shops can make you some hoses that will fit for a reasonable price, or we can recommend a company to have them made. We can also discount the price of a kit that does not include hoses.

GRENADA SPINDLES: If you are using Grenada spindles for the disc brake conversion, please make note in the comment box on the online order form or notify your sales person so that we can send you the correct tie rod ends.

TRANSMISSION / CLUTCH INFO: The kit was developed on an automatic. We are still working on fitment applications for the manual transmissions. At this time, the manual transmissions with the manual bell crank (Z-bar) will NOT work. The kit will work with most manual transmissions with a hydraulic clutch or a clutch cable set-up (The 94 and 95 T5 Tranny will not work with the Steeroids kit if you are using the clutch cable set up. 93 and earlier should work however.) Clutch cable kits are available from Modern Driveline. To make our kit work with a manual clutch linkage set up, you would need to move the Z-bar forward about 3/4".

TURNING RADIUS:With our kit, the turning radius is slightly less than stock, but the difference is not significant like some other kits out there.

POWER CONVERSIONS: We are finishing up a kit that includes a pump mounting bracket and fasteners.

OIL PANS: Most oil pans work fine with our kits. We have heard that the cobra t-type aluminium oil pan for big block has clearance issues however.

CRUSH NUTS: If your car was not originally equipped with power steering, you may need to install the threaded inserts into the bottom of the frame. Crush nut p/n 2774 (shown below) is available from Ford or from aftermarket parts catalogs. You will need two of them. They install with special crush nut installation tool or they can just be welded in place. Click this link to view / order them through Dallas Mustang.

Mustang Steeroids - Exhaust/Header Clearances

The following is a list of exhaust manifolds and headers that our customers have told us have (or have not) worked for them. Our systems are not limited to these headers by any means, but you can use them as a routing style reference for your own headers. It is the routing style that is important, not the name brand. You can look these up to see if yours have similar routing styles. Usually, we only hear back when a header does NOT fit - most fitment issues are on the driver's side where the U-Joint assembly connects the column to the rack. We have provided some measurements at the links below to help determine if your headers will work with our kits.

***CHECK THIS OUT! If you are concerned about header clearance, this may be a solution: Ron Morris Performance Adjustable Motor Mounts! These have front to back and side to side adjustment!

Small Block:

- Dart Headers with a 351 - DO NOT FIT

- Doug's Headers with a 351 - DO NOT FIT

- FPA (Ford Powertrain) 9430331 Longtube with a 5.0 Conversion - DO NOT FIT

- Hedman full length headers with a 351W - Very slight dimple may be required on #1 header on passenger side

- Hedman #88300 (Full Length) - No Problem - 289, 302, 351W

- Hedman Shorties w/ 302 - Dimple required driver's side

- Hedman Tork Step 88304 - DO NOT FIT with a 351W

- Hedman Tri-Ys (older version) - Dimple required on drivers side

- HiPo Manifolds (67 Mustangs with the high performance (aka HiPo or K code) 289 engines) - DO NOT FIT

- Hooker 6208 with a 351 - DO NOT FIT

- Hooker Competition #6901 - DO NOT FIT, (but may clear with our new bracket - we have not tested it yet)

- Hooker Super Comp with a 351C - DO NOT FIT

- Hooker Super Comp #61161195 with a 351W - DO NOT FIT

- JBA 2 1/4" with 5.0 Conversion (Full Length) - No Problem

- JBA Shorties with 302 - Most fit with no problem, but one customer had to dimple the header

- MAC (Full Length) - No Problem

- Patriot Clipster Shorties on a 65 with a 5.0 - DO NOT FIT, but may clear with new bracket

- Stock Manifold - DOES NOT FIT WITH EITHER 351C or 351W, but see manifold note below or Hedman note above:

- Stock Manifold D00E-9431B - No Problem with 351W in a 69 (apparently the manifold is off a 70 Fairlane)

Big Block:

- (1967) Tri-Y - No Problem

- (67-68) FPA (Ford Powertrain) Tri-y - No Problem with FE cars

- (1967-68) Ford Powertrain 390 (Lock or staggered bolt, cast iron Cobra Jet) - DO NOT FIT

- (1967) Stock High Performance Manifold - DOES NOT FIT

- (67-68) JBA Short Style - Dimple Required


***CHECK THIS OUT! If you are concerned about header clearance, this may be a solution: Ron Morris Performance Adjustable Motor Mounts!

If you have any more information about what hits and what fits, please email tech support so that we can update this page.

Pictures of header clearance and measurements. The "Steeroids Engine Mount Measurement" is measured from the back of the engine mount attachment on the frame/shock tower. The center of the pinion is at about 10.19" from that point. As you can see the rest of the rack sits between 9" and 10.5". Those are good numbers to use when checking clearance.



Steeroids Side Measurement

Steeroids Engine Mount Measurement

Steeroids Measurement Pinion Shaft

Steeroids Measurement U-Joint